Restaurant Reviews

Mr Beef and Pizza

I recently connected with an old friend, Jeff S and he suggested I do more restaurant reviews in the Chicago area and even called out Mr Beef's. So this past week, we were up there and I decided to go back to Mr Beef's. I used to frequent this place 30 years ago, while I was working in Rolling Meadows. It's basically on the corner of 83/62 in Mt Prospect. I remember the beef is really good, but since I had Johnnies beef the day before, I thought I'd go with a Chicago dog and a slice of their sausage pizza, which I also really liked back then. First the pizza, its the same as I remember. It's unique in that it's a bit thicker than traditional Chicago thin crust and cut into triangles not squares. It's also not NY style thin/floppy. The sausage has great flavor, sure wish I could buy that down here. The sauce is also great. Overall, I would give the pizza a 4.5, it's that good. As for the Chicago Dog, I didn't like it. Didn't have poppy seed bun, was a bit soggy and had a ton of sport peppers under the relish. Flavor was good, but I've had much better Chicago Dogs. Next time, I'll try the beef again.