Restaurant Reviews

Village Pizza

I did not get a picture of this pizza unfortunately, I was too excited to dig in. When we lived in Algonquin before moving the the Atlanta area, very often on Friday nights, I would pick up a pizza from Village and bring it home for dinner. Occasionally, we would dine in. It's one of the places with stuff animals all over the place, throw your peanut shells on the ground etc.. For thin crust Chicago style pizza, this is my favorite. Not sure if its the sauce, or the crust, or a perfect balance of both. I love the sausage, the pepperoni. All good with the right proportions. Back in the day, I would order 1/2 pepperoni, 1/2 mushroom and we would split it. This time we had 1/2 sausage and 1/2 cheese because my brother Mike will only eat cheese (he's a very strange eater, he eats A LOT and when I say a lot, I mean volumes, but everything very "vanilla"). My other brother Gary ordered his with sausage, onion, and green pepper. My Son Ryan went along with it, not sure why, maybe he was just hungry or being polite. Not sure how Gary lost his way with pizza - maybe thinks it's healthy with veggies. I wouldn't try it. Anyway, if you are in the Algonquin, Crystal Lake, Barrington area - give this pizza a try, it's the best thin crust I've every had.