Restaurant Reviews


In Denver visiting my son Kyle, and decided on this place, because it was close to the area we wanted to visit during our stay. First off, the pizza was really really good. The beer was cold, good selection, and fair prices. The pizza is not cheap, but again - it was good and worth it. The only issue I had was the service. It was plain awful. Several people who arrived before we did, walked out. I'm not sure what our server was doing, but he seemed to disappear entirely for long periods of time. He seemed more concerned about delivering water to tables than anything else. At one point, It took more than 15 mins to get a beer. The pizza was delivered on time, and quite honestly, since we were there to visit with my son, I would have been perfectly happy waiting, if they at least served us drinks. I won't go back to that location, but I would consider take-out.