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Beef Chili

Been darn cold in Atlanta this weeks, so I had a taste for some spicy beef chili. In this recipe, I try to replicate Texas red flavors, but Deb loves beans so I add them as well - a no-no in Texas. Very little tomato sauce and the flavors come from the chili powders. I also like to buy either course ground beef, or tri-tip and I cut it in small pieces. Today, I found course ground at the Publix and went with that to save time. It's pretty good, try different chili powders, I use 1/2 ancho chili and 1/2 of this Mexican chili powder that I like called Mexene Chili Powder.

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Chicken Morengo

I used to make this dish a couple times a year, but haven't in quite a while. Today I thought I'd experiment and add artichokes (not traditional), because I had some, and because we like artichokes. It has plenty of flavor, be sure to season with salt/pepper to taste.

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Turkeyday Light

I have a taste for Thanksgiving day flavors more than once a year, so today I did a light version of it that included Dressing, Bone-in Turkey breast, and cranberry sauce. It really came out moist and flavorful. I always brine, then because you don't get much in the way of drippings from the breast, I include Turkey Stock in the gravy. Turkey stock can be difficult to get unless it's around Thanksgiving, which is why I always buy extra to get me through the year. Also, it's difficult to find fresh cranberry's this time of year, so I used canned whole. It's really not that much effort, and it cures my Thanksgiving Turkey cravings !

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Pepper Steak

I've made this since I was in college. I'm not sure if this was my friends Volks recipe or if it was mine. At the time, we could only afford round steak, but now I use a hunk of sirloin, it's much more tender. It's got some good flavor !

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Italian Beef

I don't make this from scratch, because I don't really have a slicer that will get the beef paper thin. I've done it, but prefer ordering it. Today, we had Italian beef for dinner from Portillo's. It was excellent and full of flavor as always. I get mine via www.tastesofchicago.com. I generally order 2 pizza/beef combo. Follow the directions carefully, because pulling the beef, and cooking the buns makes a big difference.

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Bucatini Carbonara

Had a craving for pasta after watching this "Best Thing I ever Ate - Pasta" on TV the other day. They had Alton Brown talking about Jonathon Waxman's Bucatini Carbonara, so I thought I would give it a try. Apologies for the pic, but the pasta dish was very very good. The pasta essentially cooks the egg yolks, along with the pasta water and some cheese, form the sauce. Give it a try !

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