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Beef Stroganoff

Had a taste for beef stroganoff today, not sure why - it's generally a cold weather dish for me. I am still struggling with having my wisdom teeth pulled, so I guess I was looking for small bites with lots of flavor. It came out great !

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Mississippi Pot Roast

This turned out great, simple, cheap and full of flavor.

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Broccoli Bisque Soup

Had to find a way to get veggies into my diet after recently having my wisdom teeth pulled. Pureed smooth, and this was just what I needed today. Very easy to make, very economical and mostly healthy. Could reduce the cream, or go with reduced fat substitute.

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Cannellini Bean, Kale, Sausage, tomato Stew

I had not made this in a while, but I needed to make something that Deb could eat easily, because I wouldn't be cooking for a couple days. She loves it, and I like it a lot. Good flavors and very healthy. If you don't like Kale, try Chard, or Spinach. If you would rather have some real Italian sausage, try that instead of Turkey or chicken. A buddy of mine also adds different types of beans, kidneys etc... and claims it is good.

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Tuom Garlic Sauce

This isn't really a daily dish, in fact, it's not a dish at all. It's a condiment. (I'll need to add this as a category for my website). It's a Lebanese garlic sauce, that goes great on a lot of things. Deb and her friends love it, hoard it, and sometimes fight for it. It's tough to make, but well worth the effort.

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BBQ Ribs

Made these for the 4th of July, came out great - tender and full of flavor !!! I like them to not fall entirely off the bone, but to have some bite. I find that 60-90 mins is enough to get them tender.

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